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Our Story

7 Lady Vineyards Bubbles
Chad Hornik and Jeff Ottaviano

7 Lady Vineyards is the brainchild of two long-time friends and business partners who share the same passion for family, entrepreneurship, genuine hospitality, and premium wines! Located on 55 beautiful acres at Dover Hall, the vineyards’ name is an homage to the seven beautiful ladies who embody the heartbeat of the Hornik-Ottaviano partnership.

"Typically you start with a tasting room and then build your wine portfolio...


we are taking the non-traditional route. We are first and foremost building our wine repertoire so that when we open our tasting room doors in 2024 we will have 25+ wines in our portfolio that appeal to all palates." -Jeff & Chad

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Chad Hornik and Jeff Ottaviano


Chad & Jeff

connected through a mutual friend who thought their interests aligned. At that time, Jeff was a commercial airline pilot and was interested in the restaurant industry. Chad was already in the restaurant industry and also shared a passion for flying as a private pilot.

Dover Hall


The dynamic duo

turn their friendship into a business partnership by launching Dover Hall Experiences, LLC, and assuming management of the 55-acre Goochland property, Dover Hall.

7 Lady Vineyards Vines


The first seed

is planted for 7 Lady Vineyards, with more than 4,000 Cabernet Franc and Viognier vines in the front yard at Dover Hall. At this time Jeff + Chad are also building relationships with renowned winemakers around the US and the globe.

Dover Hall Wedding


The very first 7LV

wines arrive and are enjoyed at our events at both Dover Hall and Bartizan.

7 Lady Vineyards Grapes


The team harvested

the first homegrown grapes from the Dover Hall property and celebrated 18 wines from 5 different regions in the 7 Lady Vineyards portfolio.

7 Lady Vineyards Rendering


Our Wine Club

was officially launched and construction is slated to begin on 7 Lady Vineyards tasting room with doors projected to open in 2024!

Our Vines & Climate

4,000 Vines

cover 3 acres of our 55-acre property. Future plans are in place to plant 5 more acres.

100% Vitis Vinifera Vines

make up our vineyard. Vitis vinifera vines make up 82% of all vineyard plantings in Virginia.

Cabernet Franc & Viognier

are the grapes planted in our vineyard. Cabernet Franc makes up 14% of all the grapes harvested in Virginia and Viognier makes up 7%.

2,000 Estate Grown Bottles

were produced in 2023 with the first harvest of our Cabernet Franc and Viognier.

The Monticello AVA

is the American Viticultural Area we reside in. There are a total of 8 AVAs in the state of Virginia.

Central Virginia

boasts fertile granite-based clay soil and a growing season of over 200 days. This combination yields grapes with savory flavors and structured tannins in an old-world style.

Our Estate Grown Wine

Cabernet Franc 2022

This full-bodied red is dominated by ripe fruit flavors with well-integrated tannins and notes of black pepper and tobacco adding complexity. A subtle minerality contributes to the wine's depth and elegance. The long finish has lingering dark fruit and spice notes. This Cab Franc pairs well with grilled meats or hearty stews.

Viognier 2022

On the palate, the wine is medium-bodied, with a silky texture and refreshing acidity. Flavors of citrus, ripe peach, and nectarine dominate, with hints of tropical fruit. The long finish has a touch of minerality. This Viognier pairs well with seafood and spicy Asian cuisine.

Our Global Winemaking Partners

At 7 Lady Vineyards, in addition to wines produced from our own estate-grown grapes, we prioritize sourcing wines from regions where the specific grape varieties thrive, ensuring the true essence of the wine is captured. That's why we offer an international portfolio of privately labeled wines made by award-winning winemakers from different parts of the world. This sets us apart from other wineries in Virginia, as we can cater to a diverse range of wine enthusiasts. Here are some of our partners with whom we've collaborated to curate our current collection of wines.

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